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Health at Home:

It's dignified, it's discreet, and it's possible.

Cannabis can improve your quality of life

It's not always easy to know what kind of cannabis works best for your body or your mind. We are here to provide you with guidance, education, and the medicine that you, specifically, need in order to address your ailments. We are here to help you heal. We are here to empower you and respect the steps you are already taking.


All consult is personally-tailored to the needs of the patient and caregivers.






[ Psychological ]



As patients vary in their chemical compositions, it is critical to find the correct cannabis for your mind. If you're working on your mental state, we are prepared to guide you in order to alleviate rather than exacerbate.

[ Central Nervous

System ]


The CNS is a sensitive and extensive part of your body. Through appropriate medicating procedures and strain-specific consumption, your maladies can likely be controlled and clarity can be regained.

[ Peripheral Nervous System ]


The PNS is a complicated part of your body. It affects your appendages and can be your best friend or your heaviest burden. Through targeted medicating, we can help you regain control you may have lost.

[ Physical Injuries ]


Some injuries are temporary while others last a lifetime. No matter the duration of your recovery, we are here to help alleviate your condition. We can keep your mind clear for work and communication or we can help quiet your neural firings.  

[ HIV/AIDS & Cancer ]


The physical complexities of the HIV/AIDS and cancer patient are numerous. Whether you want to address only one aspect of your physical response or if you want a complete treatment plan, we are here to help make your life better.

[ Transition ]


Some patients are approaching their final steps. It can be a challenging time for caregivers, family, and the patient him or herself. We offer end-of-life counsel for those who would like to seek comfort in the transitioning prep and process. very friendly and knowledgable, and took the time to make sure I knew exactly what I was [do]ing. I got...edibles and Alex broke each one down for me so I knew exactly how much to take and what to expect. She even taught me something I did not know - dairy products enhance the effects of edibles. This explains why I usually feel like I ingested too much (I drink a LOT of milk). Now I know. ;)


- Robert W.   

Alameda, CA

Alexandra has helped address my pain, anxiety, and sleep issues. I've never gotten into weed as "recreation" and didn't realize what a benefit this plant could be in my life. Finally, I'm able to sleep without going for a late-night run to burn out all the anxious energy.


                  - Donald R.                                 Rhonert Park, CA 

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